Great Uses of Ideas

Here's a use from Trevor Lancaster, of Perth, Australia, who implemented the following idea from Adam: "Hard drives taken from obsolete machines can be used to back up more data on newer machines, and are usually capable of storing more information and retrieving it more quickly than CD-Rs/CD-RWs." Trevor writes:

I bought a second hand 2GB hard drive at a local computer fair for $20 which I put into my PC. Now I backup my documents (even if my main HD dies, I still have the backup!) and I don't need to keep burning backup CD-R's. I also save some of my audio CDs as MP3s on it, changing them weekly! I have even put a copy of my Windows 98 CD and some other software & drivers on it so that I don't have to keep searching for the CDs when I need them!

Thanks, Trevor, for showing how to simultaneously save money, the environment, and your data.