Great Uses of Ideas

Here's are uses from Swarup Dutta, of Kolkata, India, and Karen Smith, of Akron, Ohio, USA, who implemented the following idea from Suman Banerjee: "To open the caps of a new jar, I put a rubberband around it for a firm grip. Putting a little extra torque than usual opens the cap easily. This is my own original tried and tested trick you can use." Swarup writes:

The idea is very effective. However in case of big jars it is difficult to get a big rubber band quickly.

Karen writes:

The rubber band on the jar idea: also helpful to put on gloves when ever you need extra grip, such as turning on/off faucets that are ˇ§stuckˇ¨. Such as the ones in the basement that control water to entire house.

Thanks, Swarup and Karen, for testing this idea. I've tried it also, and it works much better than either twisting really hard, using a towel, or banging the bottle on the counter (unless your goal is to wake the neighbors or release your frustrations).