Great Uses of Ideas

Here is a use of a dessert idea from Anish Shrestha, of Kathmandu, Nepal, who implemented the following idea for a mango milkshake:

"Mango milkshake: Prepare juice from pieces of mango fruit. Add milk in 1:1 ratio along with sugar to taste. Mix it thoroughly. Add a pinch of crushed cardamum. (Note that usage of milk with mango prevents possible loose motion in some cases.)"

Anish writes:

I prepared the shake with about 1 cup of mango pulp and an equal amount of milk, along with about 1 teaspoon sugar. I cooled in the refrigerator for about half an hour, and then added crushed cardamum (around 1 teaspoon) to the shake. The cool flavored drink was just perfect for these summer days.

However, I realized that the flavor of mango itself is quite strong and only little cardamum cannot provide enough flavor to the drink. So, I think 1 teaspoon cardamum should be the right mix for 1 glass shake. Another time, I also tried using cloves instead of cardamum. This, too, tasted quite good.

However, as the season of mangoes is almost over, it's quite unlikely that I'll be preparing any more mango milkshakes this season. Still, for those who might want to try out this same recipe, I would also suggest using pepper for the flavoring. Just try how it tastes, I believe this should taste good too.

Well, thank-you whoever sent the recipe for the idea. I really enjoyed adding flavors to the plain mango-milk combination. Thank-you for this really flavorsome idea.

Thanks, Anish, for sharing your taste of this delicious idea.