Great Uses of Ideas

Here's a use from Soumi Dutta, of Kolkata, India, who implemented the following anonymous idea: "Flowers that are fake but smell real!" Soumi writes:

I have 2 fake rose bouquets in my room. On 5th Dec. I sprayed a rose-smelling perfume on every flower of one bouquet. It is so nice to have a smell of roses from these fake flowers. Due to this, all the time I am having fragrance of roses in our room. I have put some rose itre or atar soaked cottons in the flowers of my other bouquet. It smells more natural. In India we have this type of perfume locally named as itre or atar. These are the original extracts of fragrance from various flowers. We can buy itre for many varieties of flowers. We have atars of a wide price range from very cheap to very, very expensive. I have taken a medium priced one. Recently in one anniversary celebration of one of my friends I have presented some gifts and a bouquet of fake flowers with rose atar-cottons. They liked it very much. I am very happy to use this idea and hope that other ladies will also give it a try. I am sure they will like it.

Thanks, Soumi, for sharing your use of this idea. It's too bad smellovision still hasn't replaced television so that we could smell the atar on your flowers.