Great Uses of Ideas

Here is a use from Shyam K. Shrestha, of Nepal, who implemented the following idea for using a charity website:

"For anyone who has ideas that have anything to do with ecology or otherwise improving the world, this site donates a dollar for each idea donated!"

Shyam writes:

Actually I found many ideas useful. Below is the first idea I used from your site. I hope to continue using more ideas from your site; it seems the ideas are really nice ones. It's a great endeavour and achievement on your part to help people share their ideas.

I submitted one of my nature conservation ideas to the site mentioned in the above idea. You can view my idea at the above link. I hope people will actually use the ideas posted at the above site. A website specifically listing ideas related to nature conservation is surely an add-on to efforts like yours.

I wish the very best in all you do. May websites like yours and the one above keep expanding and benefitting people.

Thanks, Shyam, for using that charitable idea.